Merry Christmas!
It's a time of cold cold fun,
'Cas this season is sure to be the one,
Have a great Christmas!
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Lawsford Test

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Lawsford Test Empty Lawsford Test

Post  Charlotte on Thu Dec 17, 2009 3:35 am

Living Members:

Lucian Lawsford (iRaiga)
Merrick Lawsford (iRaiga)
Jenny Lawsford (Nocturne,)
Sid Lawsford (Manix-Kanji)

Michael Lawsford (KneeSocks)
Delta Lawsford (Nocturne,)
Liam Lawsford (????)
Lawliet Lawsford II (iRaiga)
Roxas Lawsford (Danny-Meadow)
Anthony Lawsford (????)
Damien Lawsford (Nocturne,)

Dead Members:

Lawliet Lawsford (iRaiga)
Seraph Lawsford Jr (iRaiga)
Bradford Lawsford (????)
Hollow Lawsford (????)


Ashe Lawsford
Videl Satan
Paige Satan
Selena Satan
O'Rin Ishii (Muggle)

If I had to
Choose between
Loving you And
Then I would use my
Last breath
To tell you
I Love You

-Trinity Lestrange

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