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Senior Staff

Headmistress: Nocturne,
Headmaster: ShockBox
Deputy: TheJoker?
Deputy: Cookiedough505

High Inquisitor: Apply

SS Advisor: British-247
Heads of Houses
Gryffindor: Epiphone247
Hufflepuff: Gabrielt16
Slytherin: Tanz23
Ravenclaw: Jarademo12



Gryffindor: 10

Hufflepuff: 13
Slytherin: 15
Ravenclaw: 20

Official Golden Quill Staff

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Official Golden Quill Staff Empty Official Golden Quill Staff

Post  Johnny on Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:14 am

Job Descriptions.
  • The Senior Staff keeps the Golden Quill in tip-top shape. Any time they are logged into Habbo or the forums, you should be doing some kind of work for the Prophet, unless you have called the day off. We require at least 3-6 stories a day.
  • Our Head Journalism Staff keeps the news going for their section of the Golden Quill. You choose who gets what story in your department, as well as when they are due by. You are a sory of manager. You are required 2-4 stories a day, depending on how big the news is.
  • Our Journalism Staff work for one story per day, ranging between 250 and 500 words.
  • Our Photography Staff is required to produce 1-2 alts per day, depending on who asks them for an alt first. First come, first serve when it comes to Photographers.
  • Our Student Journalists run a section of the paper which includes mostly editorials and student gossip pages. Student Journalists are required 1 story every other day.

Senior Staff
Editor-In-Chief - iNovelist
Head Journalist - Will Be Appointed; Do NOT Apply
Head Photographer -Will Be Appointed; Do NOT Apply

Head Journalism Staff
Head World News - Apply
Head Local News - RepForNow
Head Entertainment - Apply
Head Sports - Apply
Head Student Section - Apply

Journalism Staff

Photography Staff

Student Journalists

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