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Voldemorts Epic Defeat

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Voldemorts Epic Defeat Empty Voldemorts Epic Defeat

Post  Betrayed- on Sat Oct 11, 2008 9:48 pm

Oliver Lestrange Travelling Through The Forbidden Forest. He Spots a Wand He Picks It Up With Ease. He Feels Himself Being Swept Off His Feet. He Falls to the Floor Now. Looking Up To See What Happens He Notices He isnt in the Same Place. He Finds Himself In a Graveyard. He Looks Around and Sees a Robed Man. He Looks Strangely. He Walks to Him While Taking out His Wand. While He is Aiming at the Robed man. He Asks Him to Reveal Himself. He Turns Around a His Face is a Shock. It is Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort Holding His Wand out at Him. Laughing DIabolicly They Square off in a Duel. Lord Voldemort Casting Stupefy and Oliver Protego. It Misses Him Oliver Then Casts. Petrificus Totalus. Voldemort is Stunned. Wormtail Then Walks Out And Casts Crucio at Oliver. Oliver Cringes in Pain. Wormtail then turns his attention to Voldemort. He Casts Finite on Him Now. Voldemort Standing Up More Furious Then ussual. He aims His wand at Oliver And Casts Stupefy. Oliver Dodges and Casts Stupefy and Hits Him. Then Turns to Wormtail and Casts Stupefy it Hits Him and he is Stunned as Voldemort. Oliver Looks Around Now. Noticing a Giant in the Distance. It Comes For Him Now. He Then Runs Behind the Stunned People. The Giant Grabs them now. Eating them both Now. Oliver Runs For a Safe Distance and Runs Thru the Forest Back to the Grounds Of Hogwarts. Triumphant on his Defeat of Voldemort. Yet Unaware that the Death Eaters Would Find a New Lord.

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