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Forums update;;

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Forums update;; Empty Forums update;;

Post  Brendan on Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:13 am

Forums update;;

Today I have spent some time updating an changing around the forums, I hope that you guys like what I've done, I decided to post a map to show you where each forum or subforum in.


--: W
----: X
------: Y
--------: Z

Z would be found within Y which could then be found within X which would be found within the category W.

--: The Ground Floor
----: The Notice Board
----: The Great Hall
------: The Welcome Ghost
--------: Questions
--------: Suggestions
----: The Sorting Hat

--: The Dungeons
----: Potions
----: Slytherin Common Room
----: Hufflepuff Common Room

--: The First Floor
----: Muggle Studies
----: Defence Against the Dark Arts
----: The Staff Room
------: Senior Staff Chambers

--: The Second Floor
----: Transfiguration
----: History of Magic

--: The Third Floor
----: Charms
----: Duelling

--: The Fourth Floor
----: The Library
------: Private Lessons
------: A Wizard’s Genealogy
------: Spell books
------: Spell Books
--------:"The Book of Spells A-Z" - by John Malfoy
------: History books
------: Magical guides
------: Other books
----: Arithmancy

--: The Fifth Floor
----: Ancient Runes
----: Tell a House-Elf
--: The Mop and Bucket

--: The Sixth Floor
----: Astronomy
----: Ravenclaw Common Room

--: The Seventh Floor
----: Divinations
----: Gryffindor Common Room

--: The Grounds
----: Care of Magical Creatures
----: Herbology
----: Flying
----: The Quidditch Pitch

--: The Application Office
----: Hogwarts Staff Applications
------: Past Applications
----: Prefect Applications
----: Student Promotions

--: Wizarding Britain
----: The Ministry of Magic
------: Ministry Announcements
--------: Ministry Departments
------: Ministry Applications

--: Muggle Britain
----: Muggle Life
------: Literary Geniuses
------: The Stew Pot
------: The Gallery
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Forums update;; Empty Re: Forums update;;

Post  Toby on Sat Nov 01, 2008 10:46 am

awesome update
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