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Hogwarts ;OFFICIAL; Rules - II

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Hogwarts ;OFFICIAL; Rules - II Empty Hogwarts ;OFFICIAL; Rules - II

Post  Lost.In.Yonkers on Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:53 pm

Again, this was not written by me, I just like these rules. Please, by all means, edit them, Senior Staff. These rules are a good start for our new school.


When inside/Outside the school You Must;

- Wear Uniforms
- Listen to Teachers/Headmaster/Headmistress
- Respect others
- Obey school Rules

Teaching Classes

Teachers are allowed to teach Classes whenever they want, and are able to Give students Homework.
If you have Homework, Simply find your Teachers names on the Forums, and PM them Your Homework.
DO NOT; Post your Homework in the same post in which They Posted the Homework Questions in. This will result in others
copying your work.

- During a Class, Students must follow the Teachers Instructions
- If you have a Question, Raise your Hand. [Do this by Simply clicking the "Wave" button on Habbo.]
- Do not interupt the Teacher, by Talking when He/She is Talking, Or doing something else.
- You may NOT Leave the Classroom, Until your Teacher says Class is Dismissed.
- You must finish your Homework, Or this could answer in the Result of a Detention.

Death Eater Attacks/Threats

When a Teacher/Headmaster/Headmistress assigns the Students to go to there Common rooms during an attack,
they must do so. There should be no Arguing, for They are trying to keep you Safe. PLEASE, Do not go out infront of the Attackers of the School, and Try to Attack them. -.-' Unless, Your an Auror of Course, In which they can do that since it is your job.

- Go to your Common Rooms
- Someone will come to Show you out when the Attack is done
- During an Attack, always stay with someone. If you get attacked, it might be likely for the other Student to help protect You, and Him/Herself.

Moving up a Year

- To be moved up a year, apply in the student promotions.
- Senior staff are the only ones that can rank you up.
- Your Grade should be listed on the homework after you PM it to them
- False Ranking with your Year, Yu can be Severely punished, being Banned a Day or Two.

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