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Hogwarts ;OFFICIAL; Rules - I

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Hogwarts ;OFFICIAL; Rules - I Empty Hogwarts ;OFFICIAL; Rules - I

Post  Lost.In.Yonkers on Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:47 pm

Guys, I have obtained these from the old Hogwarts, because they are good base rules. I take full responsibility, ask me to edit them, and I will.

Roleplaying Rules

- Must be 3+ words [ Example; - Smacks you hard now - ]
- There is no Limited of Spaces between one person or another If attacking them
- Doesn't matter if you do State Brb, Afk, ect. You can still be attacked, Unless in an OOC Stated room.
- Use brackets when talking OOC. [ Out of Character. ] For Example; [ I had a bad Day today. ] <-- Notice the Brackets Stating OOC talk.
- You cannot use OOC talk as IC information.

For Example; [ Oh, Im a Death Eater on this Character. ]

The Killing Curse

[ For using the Killing Curse, You must be 5th Year or Older, and have been TAUGHT on how to Use it. ];

- After casting the Killing Curse, for who knows Why, You must RP ATLEAST 5 -7 other lines after the Spell has been Casted.
For Example;

*Taking out my wand here now*
*Aiming at you with such ease*
Avada Kedavra!
*A Green light shoots out now*
*It comes out fast here*
*Soaring at you with such Speed*
*Smiting you to the Chest now*
*Seeping into your Body here*
*It comes upoun your Heart now*
*Shutting your Body down Automatically*

NOTICE; After the Killing Curse has hit your Character, You cannot RP going *It stops there now*
You Must ACCEPT death after a Player has killed you. If not, It might result in Severe Punishment.

Using Protective Shields

NOTICE; When RP'ing fighting against another Person, You must have your Actions on Different lines in the Talk Box. You cannot have Two Actions on One line. Years from First to Seventh are Able to use "Protego."

[ Example ];

Student; *Aims at You* STUPEFY *HIts you well* [ INCORRECT ]

*Aims at You*
*Hits you well* [ CORRECT. ]

Protego is used to Stop most Spells, as a kind of Protection. It can also be used to Hit the player Back with what He or She Casted.
For Example;

Student 1; *Aims at You*

Student 2; PROTEGO!
*As a sheild forms here*
*The spell Repells off it now*
*Bouncing back, Hitting the Caster*
[NOTE: This is only if you wish to repell the spell, Normal Protego's don't need to Rp the shield forming]

Death Time is 12 hours. You may not make deals with the killer.

The Patronus Charm
A few quick notes on this charm. It is used for fending off Dementors & Communicating with other wizards.
(Auror's mostly use patronus's to communicate)
Patronus's are Not Wandess Magic-able or Non Verbal.
You must have a wand and say the incantation for the patronus to properly function.
Also you must roleplay the happy and strong memory, to show the strength in your patronus.
Without the memory, your patronus is weak and useless.
Patronus's come out in the shape of whichever creature the caster most favorites.

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